CMU Today Email Announcements

CMU Today is an email list sent to all university employees with email accounts every weekday. Messages are compiled and reviewed by University Communications and sent once per day.

All faculty and staff members are automatically included on the CMU Today list, but they may unsubscribe to the list by following the directions below.


1. Announcements may be submitted only by current CMU faculty and staff members.

2. Announcements must relate to university activities. CMU reserves the right to make exceptions.

3. Reminder announcements are allowed only if they are at least 10 business days following the first announcement.

4. Announcements that will not be approved include job postings, notices only pertaining to students, or messages directed to a limited audience. These examples do not constitute an exhaustive list of announcements deemed inappropriate for CMU Today.

5. Announcements submitted by 4 p.m. weekdays may be included in the next weekday's CMU Today.

6. One set of announcements will be sent each weekday. Emergency announcements may be sent on rare occasions.

7. Emergency announcements will only be sent for urgent messages or last-minute cancellations that could not have been included in the regular daily announcements. Emergency announcements will not be approved for last-minute event notices or announcements that can wait until the next day. Please plan ahead.

8. The University Communications office reserves the right to edit or reject announcements for any reason, including noncompliance with the university's advocacy policy or the fund-raising, sales, and solicitation policy.

9. Remember that not all employees have e-mail or use it regularly. Also remember that some faculty and staff members may unsubscribe to CMU Today.

How to write and send a CMU Today announcement

1. Announcements must be sent by e-mail to

2. The subject line of the e-mail message must be the title of the announcement, written in all capital letters. This title also must be the first line of the announcement, written in all capital letters.

3. Announcements must include the following information for the person submitting the announcement: name, department or office name, campus phone number, and e-mail address. Please use the following format: (Submitted by: name, office name, phone ****, e-mail address).

4. Announcements must be 100 words or fewer written in paragraph form, including the title and the required submission information at the end of each announcement.

5. Do not send the announcement as an attachment. The announcement must be typed directly into the body of an e-mail message. E-mail messages with attachments will be returned.

How to send an emergency announcement:

1. Send your announcement to

2. Immediately call the University Communications office at (989) 774-3197. This option is only available weekdays during normal business hours.

How to remove yourself from the CMU Today list

If you do not wish to receive the CMU Today announcements, go to To access this page you will need to use your global ID and password. Please do not go to this Web page unless you are certain that you want to be removed from the list.

If at a later time you wish to add yourself back to the CMU Today list, go to the Web page at


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