Special Emphasis Committee

Dr. Claudia Douglass (chair)
InterimVice Provost for Academic Affairs
Warriner Hall 312
Phone: (989) 774-3632
Email: dougl1cb@cmich.edu

Dr. Ian Davison
Interim Vice Provost for Research & Sponsored Programs
Foust 251
Phone: (989)774-3094
Email: davis1ir@cmich.edu

Dr. Gary Dunbar
Faculty, Psychology
HP 2182
Phone: (989)774-3282
Email: dunba1g@cmich.edu

Dr. Ed Hinck
Faculty, Communication & Dramatic Arts
Moore 319
Phone: (989)774-3763
Email: hinck1e@cmich.edu

Dr. Monica Holmes
Associate Dean, College of Business Administration
ABSC 250
Phone: (989)774-3337
Email: holme1mc@cmich.edu

Dr. Kathy Koch
Interim Dean, College of Education & Human Services
EHS 426
Phone: (989)774-6995
Email: koch1ke@cmich.edu

Dr. Carole Richardson
Director, Special Projects
Warriner Hall 312
Phone: (989) 774-7217
Email: richa1c@cmich.edu

Dr. Pete Vermeire
Interim Associate Dean, College of Science & Technology
ET 200
Phone: (989)774-1870
Email: verme1pj@cmich.edu

Dr. John Wright
Faculty, Philosophy & Religion
Anspach Hall 301N
Phone: (989)774-2652
Email: wrigh1jp@cmich.edu