Sites Requiring Criminal Background Checks

Several Michigan Public Acts, as well as federal laws, now require that any individual who regularly provides services to certain segments of the population (generally, those deemed "vulnerable" or "special," including but not limited to children and the sick) must submit to a criminal background check in order to obtain and maintain privileges in clinical and/or educational settings.  Additionally, many sites affiliated with Central Michigan University (CMU) for educational purposes have adopted this requirement.

The educational and clinical sites of many CMU Programs require CMU students to participate in the care of clients, patients, and children in various clinical or educational settings.  CMU students are therefore subject to this legislation. Students accepted into these programs are therefore accepted contingent on passing a criminal background check. 

​Healthcare Sites Requiring Criminal Background Checks:

Individual affiliation agreements will detail background check requirements of that site for Clinical Placements, Clinical Experience, Internship, Practicum and Field Experience placements. 


All Professional Education Field Experience Sites:

Includes Student Teaching, Pre-Student Teaching (Midtier) and Service Learning​