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4th Annual Assessment Retreat

Call for Proposals 

We are looking for faculty and staff members who are interested in sharing their assessment experiences that have led to improved student learning.

Deadline for Submissions is Friday, December 1, 2017


3rd Annual Assessment Retreat

Live Webcast - Provost Assessment Award Winner Panel


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Agenda - 3rd Annual CMU Assessment Retreat.pdf

2nd Annual Assessment Retreat

Welcome Packet​

Provost Award Winner Panel Discussion:​

​Phil Coffman, Media Production, Office of Information Technology ​

Kevin Campbell, Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

Conceptualization of Graduate Exit Exams: Enhancing Quality and Culture
  1. ​Johnny Sparks, Advertising & Journalism Department
Closing the Assessment Gap, One Course at a Time

Troy Hicks, Teaching and Learning Consultant ​

Kevin Cunningham, Teacher Education and Professional Development 

Rubric Development: Getting the Most Out of Your Rubrics

  • No handouts​
Daniel Lawson, English & Writing Center 

Debra Linton, Department of Biology