University Community
WEAVEonline® integrates assessment management activities, increases accessibility, and provides an overall view of university assessment processes. Institutional-wide program visibility encourages year-round con tinuity across departments and colleges while enhancing efficiency and communication.

Goals and Objectives/Outcomes
Central Michigan University will benefit from increased university-wide collaboration, ongoing improvements, e vidence-based planning and optimized student learning outcomes. Open access will improve internal relationships promoting a unified effort resulting in a higher quality of education.

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff will be nefit through increased communication and user-friendly convenience to assessment planning processes and data. Program outcomes/objectives can be related to institutional and departmental strategies and goals streamlining processes. Data will be accessible an ytime from any computer.

  • Pr
  • ogram's mission and intended student learning outcomes/objectives
  • Map the development of your program's learning outcomes over the course of your curriculum
  • Exhibit your measures and findings
  • Capture your data for annual reporting and program review
  • Easily track your on going progress
  • Enhance program faculty communication and collaboration
Documents and Forms

Central Michigan University Mission State ment

Policy on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Shared Vocabulary

Program Review Information

Assessment Plan Rubric

Guidelines and Application for Funding S upport

 Submission Process for Annual Assessment Reports

WEAVEonline User's Guide for Annual Assessment Reporting 

Process for Revising Approved Assessment Plans