Assessment Committees

​​A number of different University committees have responsibility for providing assistance and guidance to faculty and staff for student learning outcomes assessment at CMU. The Assessment Council, established by the Academic Senate in 1992, is the primary committee that develops and monitors program-level assessment. Its members, in cooperation with faculty and staff closest to the delivery of programs, ensure that conversations about student learning and program improvement remain central to departments and units.
The Professional Education Assessment Committee and the General Education Council also have key roles in student learning outcomes assessment. The Professional Education Assessment Committee (PEAC) provides leadership and guidance in the development and ongoing monitoring of a professional education assessment system for undergraduate and graduate programs to ensure compliance with standards of the Michigan Department of Education and TEAC. The General Education Council is charged with conducting continuous study, review, and evaluation of the General Education Program, which includes the assessment of education outcomes for students, and the review and as​sessment of the program and subgroups' standards, goals, and competencies.