WEAVE Online

Welcome to CMU's WEAVEonline​


WEAVEonline is a web-based assessment management system that will consolidate accreditation, assessment, planning, and quality improvement processes across all academic and administrative units.

​WEAVEonline​ promotes program continuity thr​ough ongoing evaluation and accessibility from the individual program level through the ​entire university.

Please be aware that WEAVEonline has reserved a nightly maintenance hour from 10-11 pm Eastern time in order to install improved features and functionality as quickly as possible.  This reserved time is in addition to the Sunday routine maintenance from 11 am to 1 pm Eastern time every Sunday.  Please do not access WEAVEonline during these times.

WEAVEonline runs on both Macintosh and PC platforms.
For Windows-based systems, WEAVEonline run s on Windows 2000 and above with either Internet Explorer (v6+) or Firefox (v1.5+).
Macintosh computers require Mac OS 10 and above, with Firefox (v1.5+).