Curriculum and Assessment

The Director for Curriculum and Assessment and support personnel have the following responsibilities within Curriculum and Instructional Support:

  • Provide assistance to the Assessment Council with the implementation of assessment activities according to the Policy on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment. 
  • Disseminate assessment-related information to the campus community, provide expertise, and support faculty and staff development activities related to student learning outcomes assessment.
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other campus personnel to develop program assessment plans and provide support with gathering information about student learning outcomes assessment.
  • Assist faculty with the development of curricular initiatives and the expansion of opportunities for students that reinforce CMU's commitment to a student-focused learning environment.
  • Support CMU's curricular processes as identified in the Curricular Authority Document, including the submission of program information to the Michigan Association of State Universities.
  • Work collaboratively with College Assessment Coordinators and the University's Assessment Council to enhance assessment initiatives and foster a campus-wide culture of assessment.