Frequently Asked Questions


What proctoring services are available?
We are available to proctor individualized paper/pencil exams as well as online exams. The fee for providing proctoring services is $30.00 per test.

Do I need an appointment to take an exam?
Yes exams are administered by appointment only. Contact the CBTC administrator for information or to schedule an appointment.

Where is the CBTC located?
The CBTC is located in between Robinson and Calkins residence halls at the dead end of Algonquin Street. The center offers a secure and comfortable environment that includes 9 computer testing stations as well as an area to administer individualized paper-and-pencil tests or online exams.

How can I get directions to the Computer Based Testing Center?

Click on the following link Directions.

Where should I park? Do I need a parking pass?

Please leave 10 to 15 minutes when arriving at the testing center to locate parking especially if you are not familiar with CMU's campus. 

Non CMU Students: Parking passes are available upon arrival at the testing center. Please see the testing administrator for details and scheduling a time to pick up your parking pass prior to testing. Parking is available in Lot 16 or 4.

Off-Campus CMU Students: One day parking passes can be purchased at the CMU Parking Services office at $3.00 per day. 

Parking Services Office Information



Phone: (989) 774-3083

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm

*CMU offers parking meters with at maximum time limit of 2 hours.  However, by accessing Pango ( and downloading the free app, you can pay from your iphone and extend the parking time during testing breaks.  Contact CMU's Parking Office for more information. 

On-Campus CMU Students: if you misplaced or lost your parking permit, either contact CMU's parking office for a one day permit or consider using Pango parking meter services. 

All bike must be registered, please cling on the link below for mor information.  Bike permits are provided at no extra cost.(

What if I need special accommodations?
CMU will make every effort to meet the needs of students with limited mobility, impaired vision, or other problems which cause difficulty in gaining access to the Computer-Based Testing Center. For special accommodations concerning specific exams, please contact the administrator of that exam.

What are the identification requirements?
Individual exam sponsor requirements will differ. Always check the sponsor’s requirements on-line for details. The primary identification must contain a permanently affixed photogram and a signature and must be valid (not expired). The secondary ID must contain your signature. All identification must be signed prior to arriving at the test center; it is not acceptable for you to sign your identification while checking in for your exam.

Acceptable forms of primary identification:
  • government issued driver’s license
  • employee ID or work badge
  • school ID
  • passport
  • military ID
  • alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
  • other government-issued ID, such as a state/country identification card

Acceptable forms of secondary ID:
  • U.S. social security card
  • bank automatic–teller machine ATM card
  • any form of ID on the primary list

Is there a break policy?
Breaks may vary depending on the exam and sponsor. If a break is allowed, while you are taking a break, you are permitted to access personal items that you stored during the exam only if necessary – for example, if you need to take medication at a specific time. You are not allowed access to other items, including cellular phones, exam notes, and study guides, unless the exam sponsor specifically permits this.


What items are prohibited in the testing room?
You are not permitted to bring personal items into the testing room: cellular phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats, bags, coats, books, notes, food, drink, gum, candy, and all tobacco products.

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