Math Competency Examination


Students who will graduate under the requirements of the 1987-88 Bulletin or later and who wish to satisfy the Mathematics Competency requirements by successfully completing the competency examination must take the test before they have completed 56 hours of academic credit at CMU. Transfer students who enter with more than 36 credit hours may take the exam only during their first semester at CMU.

Test Times: By appointment only.

To register for the Mathematics Competency Exam, call (989)774-1092 or come to the Computer-Based Testing Center located in between Robinson and Calkins Residence Halls. The test can be taken a maximum of three times. The cost is $30 each time the test is taken. The $30 fee (check or credit card only; no cash) can be paid when the test is taken.

Sample competency exam (PDF format) -- Fall 2005 Version
A sample competency exam (PDF format) with answers. For students entering CMU in Fall 2005 or later.