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  • The book "Chairing the Academic Department" by Allen Tucker (updated and revised since his death by another author) is an excellent starting place. I knew Dr. Tucker for many years and he authored a very useful commonsense column for a newsletter I created called " Academic Leader." That newsletter is still published by Magna Publications in Madison, WI. Tucker’s book was based on many nation-wide surveys and then workshops conducted under the auspices of the American Council on Education. More recently Ann Lucas has written some good things on chairing the academic department. They are published by Jossey-Bass.  Regards, James Rhem
  • I have been a department chair for several years, but have only recently come across this book by Lucas, Ann F. "Strengthening Departmental Leadership. A Team-Building Guide for Chairs in Colleges and Universities." Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994. As you probably know, these publishers have some worthwhile publications for educators. I am looking forward to seeing the list you promised to send us.  Mary Frances Dorschell
  • Here is a guide put together by Southeastern Missouri State University: Busy Chairperson's Guide to Assessment


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