Department Chairs

​​​​Ben Salisbury, Council of Chairs chairperson

The role of Chairperson is recognized as a primary leadership position. In performing the duties of the position, it is assumed that Chairpersons will exercise considerable discretion while complying with University policies and procedures and operating within the limitations imposed by the availability of resources. While considerable diversity may exist in the operation of various departments, there is a common core of duties to be assumed by the Chairpersons. Among the expectations of the Chairperson is that he/she will adhere to established timelines and deadlines in performing his/her duties.  The duties assigned by CMU are grouped under the following major categories: Administrative Function, Faculty and Personnel Functions, Liaison Functions, Student-related Functions, and Leadership Functions.

The Chairperson is chief departmental administrator of the department and the primary representative of the academic discipline to which he/she belongs. This places the Chairperson in the unique position of fulfilling administrative responsibilities assigned by the Dean and Provost, maintaining standards of the discipline, and meeting the professional expectations of the departmental faculty.​​