Advisory Council Members

What are the roles and responsibilities of the council?

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Who is on the council?

The council is composed of individuals serving three (3) year terms. These members represent the following areas:
  • Six faculty members; one from each college: CBA, CCFA, CEHS, CHP, CHSBS and CST
  • One representative from the library
  • Three representatives from offices or programs reporting to the AVP for Student Affairs
  • One representative from the Office of Institutional Diversity
  • One representative from Residence Life
  • Two student representatives
  • FYE Coordinator
  • FYE Assistant Coordinator

 Current members include:

  • CBA, Vacant
  • CCFA, Vacant
  • Maureen MacGillivray, CCFA (2013-16)
  • Jan Perkins, CHP (2012-15) 
  • Matt Roberson, CHSBS (2012-15)
  • Susan Cooper, CST (2013-16)
  • Brittay Wilson, Student (2013-14)
  • Sue Li, Student (2013-14)
  • Jamie Brown, Student Affairs
  • Tori Stevens, Student Affairs
  • Julia Sherlock, Student Affairs 
  • Traci Guinn, Institutional Diversity
  • Stephanie Mathson, Libraries
  • Kim Voisin, Residence Life
  • Claudia Douglass, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Assistant FYE Coordinator, Vacant

 Ex Officio Members:

  • Karen Arthur, BRC - CBA 
  • Shannon Ebner, EHSRC - CEHS
  • MaryBeth Minnis, MRC - CCFA 
  • Joan Schmidt, Residence Life
  • Nancy Seefelt, STRC - CST 
  • Pat Cwiek, HPRC - CHP