​It happens to everyone ...
You arrive on campus and are ready to tackle your first year of college ... if only you could figure out how to get to your first class.
If you add FYE 101 to your class schedule, you know that you're in class with ONLY students who are in the same boat as you -- freshmen or transfer students who are new to CMU.
It is a class that is all about connecting you to college academic and social resources--and it is only one credit.
We pack a lot into one credit
You will have an upperclassman student mentor to help you out, plus a caring faculty member who is going to get to know you on a first-name basis and take your college adjustment very seriously.
Here are some of the other benefits of taking the class ...
  • Get better grades
  • Overcome nervousness about college
  • Make friends
  • Get to know your professors
  • Learn your way around the university
  • Succeed in college
Sound good?
Ask your orientation guide to help you identify a FYE 101 section that is appropriate to your schedule.
Contact:  Academic Affairs, Warriner 312, (989)774-3632.

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