What FYE students say ...

When asked about their experiences with FYE, students reported …

  • “I learned a lot about myself while talking in groups with other people. I found out who I was and felt better knowing there were other freshmen out there with the same fears, concerns, goals & ambitions as me.”
  • “The hands on activities & mini field trips really helped me learn my way around campus, and there was a nice, friendly atmosphere.”
  • “The class has helped me understand what my professors want of me and what I need to do to succeed at CMU.”
  • “This class has made it a lot easier for me to be able to deal with the domestic change to college by giving me ideas for time management and study skills. I love how close our class was and how we got to know each other.”

When asked about the benefits of having a mentor, students reported …

  • “He gave good advice based on his own college experiences and was a nice role model.”
  • “She was always willing to help and really wanted us to get the most out of everything!”
  • “She was very outgoing and friendly. She answered all my questions I had, and if something wasn’t clear, she helped me understand it.”
  • “He was a really down-to-earth person. He made this class fun. I stayed in this class because I knew he would help me out a lot.”


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When asked about their FYE instructors, students replied …

  • “She had a wonderful personality and seemed enthusiastic each day she stepped into the classroom. I appreciated how she tried to relate to the students and understand their feelings and points of views on subjects.”
  • “She loves CMU and shows it and really want us to take advantage of the stuff she knows about campus.”
  • “My instructor was able to be very understanding and willing to help with what ever we needed.”
  • “My instructor was very excellent. He had no problem discussing an issue about anything. You can ask questions about anything you needed to know about campus, and he had the answer.”
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