Honors Alumni Events and Photo Gallery

ricardo resio 

Honors alum Ricardo Resio, ('95), with his family at
the Honors Program Welcome Back Alumni Tailgate during the first home football game in 2006.

bob garcia 

Honors Alum Bob Garcia('00) with his wife and daughter Aubrey at the Honors Welcome Tailgate at the first home football game in 2006.

laura bantle 

Honors alumni Laura Bantle('06), Bryan Wieferich('02), and Courtney Pasiak('03) at the Honors Program Alumni Homecoming event along theHomecoming parade route near Larzelere Hall.

rain delay 
Honors alumni at the CMU/UM 2006 football game that was delayed due to rain and lightning.



Photo of CMU Honors Alumni at the 2006
CMU/UM game