HON Course Proposal Forms

​Please use these forms to propose a course to the Honors Program Office.  The format of Honors courses is listed below:

HON First Year Seminar Proposal Form.docx

HON Seminar Proposal Form.docx

Honors First Year Seminars (Top Priority:  3+ plus sections needed for Fall 2016!)

•             Seminars are required of all first year Centralis-Honors students and is a co-requisite of HON 100.

•             Each seminar will have a focus on critical thought revolving around “complex issues” or “great challenge” with real world relevance to students’ lives today.

•             Each seminar will be rooted in a UP Group and will count for credit on the Gen Ed Program.

•             Each seminar will be Writing Intensive (WI) with a focus on “writing to learn.”

•             Faculty must agree to a small number of meetings in advance to ensure coordination with the first year curriculum.

Because of the unique needs for this class, a separate Honors First Year Seminars form is attached for these class proposals.  Deadline for Fall 2016 proposals is Feb 7 with notifications to follow by Feb 19 after the Honors Council review.

Proposals for all other Honors seminars may be submitted on the Honors Seminar Proposal Form.

HON Special Topics Seminars (1 or 3 credits)  

•             Priority goes to proposals that match Honors core values and targeted student needs (e.g., UP/WI/QR).

•             Formats include traditional semesters, one week summer courses offered on Beaver Island, and other courses offered in non-traditional formats

•             Seminars may include team oriented or project based work that engages a group of students in research, scholarship, or creative work that meets senior project requirements.

HON 309:  Honors Global Citizenship

Faculty-led, short-term study abroad experiences with an emphasis on active engagement with the culture.  Approval from both Study Abroad and Honors is required.

HON 310:  Honors Academic Service Learning

Interdisciplinary, topic or project-based service learning class with an integration of academic content and structured service experience.