Honors Faculty Involvement


Faculty Involvement in the Honors Program

Honors Professor and Michigan Professor of the Year Dr. Gary Gagnon inspires Honors faculty at the Best Practices in Honors Pedagogy Conference sponsored by the CMU Honors Program.

Ways Honors Faculty can be involved in the Honors Program:

  • Teach an Honors Course
  • Supervise an Honors Contract
  • Advise an Honors Senior Project
  • Honors Activities
  • Honors Council
  • Create a new Honors Special Topic Course
  • Create/Lead an Honors Study Abroad Course


Benefits to being an Honors Faculty Member:

  • Membership in a distinguished community
  • University Service
  • Opportunity to work with high ability students
  • Opportunity to pilot a new course
  • Funding available to enhance your class
  • Funding available for your department's professional development account
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Access to interested high ability students to assist you with your research