Faculty Information

​Part of the mission of the National Scholarship Program is to increase the number of applicants CMU supports for prestigious national scholarships and fellowships. As faculty and advisors, you play a critical role in assisting us in our endeavors by referring promising students in your classes to our office.   
Identifying and Mentoring Exceptional Students
When you meet exceptional students in your classes, please encourage them to visit the National Scholarship Program website.  Sometimes strong encouragement from faculty they know and respect can be very inspiring.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendations are an extremely important part of any national scholarship and fellowship application.  A strong letter provides specific information and a glimpse as to what sets that student apart from others.  Writing letters students is a serious endeavor!  If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please let your student know.  
Interested in Serving on a Faculty Advisory Committee?
If you are interested in serving on an advisory committee, please contact the National Scholarship Program.