First Steps

The National Scholarship Program at CMU promotes many nationally prestigious grants and scholarships. Please explore the Fulbright U.S. Students grants to decide which is the best fit with your academic and career goals. Guidance on first steps is provided below:

Narrow your search

You may apply only to one specific grant during the application cycle, so think carefully about which country and grant type (e.g., Teaching English as a second language, research, course of study, etc.) interests you most.

Start Early!

Although undergraduates typically apply for Fulbright in the fall of their senior year (submit pre-applications in the spring of their junior year), successful applicants begin exploring the options as early as their freshman and sophomore years.  Exploring the options early, and meeting with the Coordinator of the National Scholarship Program can help you to better prepare for a national scholarship.

Graduate students are also encouraged to begin exploring the options as soon as possible.

Pre-application Process 

To proceed through the Fulbright application process, students must first obtain a nomination through the CMU National Scholarship Program. A pre-application must be submitted to the CMU National Scholarship Program Selection Committee by the designated deadline; however, the sooner you submit the pre-application the better.

The pre-application deadline for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program is in early April.


Language Requirements

Many Fulbright grants require a specific level of foreign language proficiency. For English Teaching Assistant grants, click here to learn more about language requirements. For study/research grants, explore the Fulbright program description of the country to which you plan to apply.


Meet with the Campus Fulbright Program Advisor

After thoroughly exploring national scholarship opportunities, contact Melissa Alexander at to set up a time to meet with the campus Fulbright Program Advisor, Dr. Maureen Harke