Jaczkowski and Strong compete for Fulbright Program

January 2, 2012

CMU seniors Stephanie Jaczkowski and Alex Strong have been nominated to compete for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Program to serve in Poland and Korea.  The Fulbright Program is regarded as the largest US international education exchange program designed to increase mutual understanding between people of the US and people of other countries.
The Fulbright ETA Program places US students as English teaching assistants in schools and universities overseas.  Placements offer students the opportunity to increase their foreign language skills and knowledge of the host country while improving foreign students’ English language abilities and knowledge of the US.  ETAs may also pursue individual study/research plans in addition to their teaching responsibilities. 

Stephanie Jaczkowski, an Honors student and Centralis Scholar from Clinton Township, has been nominated for an ETA in Poland.  She is a Political Science and Integrative Public Relations major and Legal Studies minor.
Jaczkowski studied International Politics at the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland in 2010, completed a research internship at the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan in 2010, and interned at the National Taxpayers Union in Washington DC in 2011.  Jaczkowski has been active with the Michigan Republican Party since 2009 and the College Republications since 2008.
Jaczkowski volunteers with the Honors Program and mentors honors freshmen.  She spent many years volunteering weekly at the American Polish Assistance Association in Eastpointe, Mich., where she helped organize packages to support orphanages in Eastern Europe.  Jaczkowski was a student teacher for the Zajaczek Dance Ensemble in Sterling Heights, Mich. and danced with the Song and Dance Ensemble at the Warsaw School of Economics.

f awarded, Jaczkowski will be placed as an assistant teacher in English classes at a Polish university.  Her position will combine teaching and educational advising, and she will work on an independent study/research project.

Alex Strong, an Honors student and Centralis Scholar from Ithaca, is CMU’s nominee for an ETA in Korea.  He is a Music Education/Instrumental Music major and Trombone minor.
Strong is passionate about music, particularly jazz, and has devoted much of his life to studying, performing and teaching jazz.  Although he has mastered many instruments, including the cello, bass, and piano, he especially dedicated to the trombone.
His catalog of performances are numerous and range from jazz bands, concert bands, marching bands, chamber orchestras, pit orchestras, and international jazz festivals.  He has also had his own music arrangements featured at various recitals.
Strong is a trombone instructor for the CMU Community Music School, has provided individual instruction through his own trombone studio, and has spent many summers teaching and working at various music camps.
If Strong is awarded an ETA, he will study Korean before leaving the US.  In Korea, he will be placed at an elementary or secondary school.