About Us



University Honors, a community of scholars since 1961, is home to:

  • The Centralis Scholar Program
  • The Honors Scholar Program
  • The National Scholarship Program


Size of Program:

  • University Honors is home to approximately 800 Honors students or about 4% of the CMU on-campus student population.


CMU Honors Vision Statement

The CMU Honors Program will serve the University by fostering a diverse community of scholars committed to academic excellence, intellectual engagement, and social responsibility.


CMU Honors Mission Statement

Providing high academic ability students with unique educational opportunities and experiences, the CMU Honors Program challenges students to aim higher and to achieve more academically, personally, and professionally for the greater good of our disciplines, our society, and our world.

CMU Honors Core Values

The primary values that guide the implementation of the Honors Program mission include:

  • Critical thought, scholarly inquiry, and creative expression
  • Respect and appreciation for diverse peoples and ideas in a global society
  • High standards for integrity and personal aspirations
  • Active Citizenship and service for the greater good


National Recognition:

The CMU Honors Program is a nationally-recognized Honors Program, winning 9 national awards over the past 10 years, including the coveted National Honors Student of the Year Award as well as 9 national student publication awards.