CMUMED Honors Early Assurance Program

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‚Äč CMUMED Honors Early Assurance Program


Fall 2021 Applications are due October 1, 2021.

Students will be notified of decisions by October 15, 2021.

Application:Fall 2021 CMUMED Honors Early Assurance Application.pdf

CMUMED Honors is an early assurance program for select undergraduate members of the Central Michigan University Honors program .

Up to twenty Central Michigan University Honors students will engage in CMU College of Medicine clinical, classroom and community events as part of a program tailored to prepare them for a medical school education.

CMUMED Honors students will be selected from the Honors Program as freshmen in their first semester at CMU or as sophomores already enrolled in the Honors Program or entering the Honors Program through Track II admissions. After experiencing the clinical, classroom and community events and working with a mentor from the medical school, up to five participants will be offered an early assurance of admission to the College of Medicine before the start of their senior year.

CMUMED Honors students must take the Medical College Admissions Test no later than May of their junior year to be considered for the five slots. All program participants must complete a College of Medicine application and participate in the College of Medicine multiple mini interviews.

Students not selected can still apply through the regular American Medical College Application Service process.

The next application cycle for the early assurance program will be available in the fall 2021 semester. CMUMED Honors will be an ongoing program, with 20 honors students joining each year.

Minimum requirements for application

  • Meet the CMU Honors Program requirements for grade-point average and ACT score
  • Be an Honors student in good standing
  • Verification of U.S. or Canadian citizenship or U.S. permanent resident status
  • Completion of the CMUMED Honors application

Continuation criteria

Completion of:

  • CMU College of Medicine prerequisite courses
  • Maintenance of a 3.25 GPA
  • Be an Honors student in good standing
  • Participation in CMUMED Honors seminars
  • Participation in community, volunteer and clinical activities consistent with the CMU College of Medicine mission
  • Submission of a score from the Medical College Admissions Test in the junior year
  • Application to the CMU College of Medicine no later than August 1 of senior year
  • Compliance with the CMU College of Medicine essential standards for matriculation, promotion and graduation as well as CMUMED's terms and conditions of acceptance
  • Criminal background check before matriculation to CMUMED