Great Lakes Platform for High School Students

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Call for Submissions:  Priority Deadline: March 6, 2020

What it is:   
The Great Lakes Platform is a new periodical designed to feature the writing and creative work of talented high school students in the Great Lakes region.  It is edited and published as a community service venture by students in the Central Michigan University Honors Program under the supervision of our university faculty.  Support is also provided by the CMU College of Education and Human Services and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

The format of the periodical will be similar to our current Honors Platform which can be reviewed at:

The Great Lakes Platform will be published in both a hard-copy format and posted online.   

Procedures – teacher nominations and submissions:  

The Great Lakes Platform will be featuring analytical essays, creative writing, and visual art. We request that each teacher select one or two students from their class that have already crafted exceptional pieces worth sharing with others.  We anticipate that these will already be well edited but final copy editing will also be provided by the periodical review team.

Each submission should be sent in, from the recommending teacher, to with the subject line “Platform Submission.” In the body of the email, please include your name, the student’s name, the name of your school, and a brief description of the work submitted.  Papers should come in a Word Document format and visual work should be submitted as a JPEG file.

This edition of the Platform will have a section devoted to CMU’s Critical Engagement theme for this academic year: “Fake News: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?” Submitted pieces that make direct reference to issues related to this theme will receive extra consideration but all high quality work will be fully reviewed for inclusion in this issue.*

Procedures – the review process:

As submissions come in from schools, a trained panel of Central Michigan Honors students, working with a faculty advisor, will determine which pieces will be included in the journal. When pieces are submitted, they should already be substantially revised and as close to a final draft as possible. However, after the final selection decisions have been made, the CMU editorial board will work directly with each author to help them polish their piece for publication.  

The compilation of pieces into the 2020 edition of the periodical will be completed before the end of the Winter/Spring term for most public schools in the Great Lakes region.  Hard copies of the Platform will be shared with the contributing student, the teacher, and school.  The periodical will also be posted online to easily share with others.

If you have any questions about submitting to the periodical, please contact our editor-in-chief, Connor Thatcher with any questions.

If you have any questions about this project more broadly, please contact the Director of Honors, Phame Camarena.

* Critical Engagements theme: “Fake News: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?” 

CMU annually encourages interdisciplinary discourse around a select issue of contemporary concern.  For this year, the focus is on culture and history at a turning point.  While there are increasing concerns being voiced about the future of our world, there is also increased optimism and commitment to the potential for change.  This topic has relevance to all academic disciplines and provides many different angles for critical reflection, constructive dialogue, and creative reflection.