Honors Involvement

​There are many ways to become involved in the Honors Community at CMU:
  • Honors Council - Each year, up to six Honors students serve on the Honors Council, the committee appointed by the academic senate that oversees the Honors Program. Representatives are needed in the following categories: Honors at large; Centralis recipients, Honors Outreach Network; Honors Program Philanthropic Society; and Honors Housing
  • HON 100 Mentor --Honors sophomores, juniors, and seniors serve as mentors to incoming Honors Students in the HON 100 course each fall semester. Mentors work with small groups of 6-8 Honors first-year students helping them adjust to college, attending campus and cultural events with their mentees, and leading small group discussions.
  • Honors Program Philanthropic Society--A registered student organization of the Honors Program that raised money for and works with non-profits and charities. Past committees have included: Childhood Diseases, Poverty, At-risk Youth, The Elderly, Global Diversity, Hunger and Homelessness, K-12 Education, Medical Access, and Women's Issues.
  • Honors Outreach Network --the oldest registered student organiztion of the Honors Program. HON plans the popular Fireside Chat Series and Honors Potlucks as well as a range of social, educational and service activities for the Honors Community.
  • Honor Bound Student Newsletter --Honor Bound is the student-produced newsletter of the CMU Honors Program and has won 9 national awards from the National Collegiate Honors Council. Honor Bound has an average staff size of 30 writers, photographers, and layout and design editors.
  • The Honors Platform--the Honors on-line student-produced journal. Student editors select and choose student-submitted research, scholarship, and creative pieces for publication in the Platform. Two editors work to layout and design the journal.
  • Honors International Peer Partner Program--Honors students mentor international students, practice language skills, and attend campus events together.
  • Honors First-Generation College Student Ambassadors-- First Generation college students in the Honors Program provide leadership for events and activities designed for first-generation college students in the Honors Program. A highlight of the year is a retreat for first-generation students held in the spring semester.
  • Honors First-Year Philanthropy Project--First year Honors students work together on one large service project volunteering time and raising money for a specific charity.
  • Honors Special Events--The Honors Office plans several traditional events throughout the year including the Honors Welcome Event, the Honors Talent Show, the Claude S. Larzelere Trivia Challenge Competition, the MLK Peace March and monthly Honors Potlucks.
For more information regarding each opportunity, please click on the appropriate links above or contact the Honors Program office for more information.