Sample Honors Student Publications and Presentations

​*Note: this is not an exhaustive list of presentations and publications. What you see below reflects a small sample of the ways in which Honors students have shared their contributions to research, scholarship, and creative work in their disciplines. ​


Conference Presentations


Domagalski, R. (2015). On Minimal Scalings of Scalable Frames. Sampling Theory and  Applications International conference, Washington, D.C.

Domagalski, R. (2015). Tight Frame Structure. Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, Lincoln, NE.

Farrington, A. (2015). By Hook or by Crook: Gossip, Intelligence Sharing, and Wartime Deception against Sideline States. International Studies Association Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

Hengy, M.H., Horton, D.J., Schuberg, D.H., Uzarski, D.G., & Learman, D.R. (2015) "Examining the Connection between Microbial Respiration and Carbon Biogeochemistry." Michigan Environmental Laboratory Association Scholarship Reception, Lansing, MI.

Kromer, G., & Shurr, J. (2015). Peers as Partners: Using Pictures and Discussion to Enhance Comprehension, Increase Access to Literature. The 75th Annual Michigan Council for Exceptional Children Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.

Kuzava, B. (2015). Romanticism and Revolution: Effects of French Revolution on Wordsworth. National Undergrad Literature Conference, Ogden, UT.

Millar, C. (2015). The Servo-Mechanical Feedback Loop in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. National Undergrad Literature Conference, Ogden, UT.

Pauly, R.C. (2015). "The Natural Perspective of Music: A Nature vs. Nurture Debate."  Rijksuniversiteit Gronginen Petrus Camper Finale, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Nymberg, D. (2015). Comparative Fluid Inclusion Chemistry of Miarolitic Pegmatites from San Diego County, CA. American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Parker, S. (2015). The Utilization of Engrailed 1 in Developing Dopamine Neurons for Cell Replacement Therapy in Parkinson's Disease. Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C.

Parkin, Z. (2015). Using Cinesthetics and Exercise to Teach Abstract Science Concepts. Michigan Science Teachers Association, Grand Rapids, MI.

Shurr, J., Kromer, G., McCollow, M., & Jasper, A. (2015). Peer-assisted literacy comprehension support for students with significant disabilities. Council for Exceptional Children: 2015 Convention and Expo, San Diego, CA.

Storms, C., Rule, R., & Laurinec, E. (2015). "Mindful meditation for music teachers." Collegiate Piano Pedagogy Symposium, Dallas, Texas.

Sucharski, H.C., Gardner, M., Coombs, S., Kagande, A., Nichols, R., & Alan, J.K. (2015). "Exploring the Role of Axon Guidance Molecules in Pancreatic Cancer using C. elegans." International Worm Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.

Sucharski, H.C., & Alan, J.K. (2015). "Exploring the Role of Axon Guidance Molecules in Pancreatic Cancer using C. elegans." Michigan Worm Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI.

Wagner, J.A. (2015). "Perception of middle school students involved in a peer-to-peer program." Michigan Council for Exceptional Children Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.

White, J.M., Rosendall, A.L., Mankel, K.M., Green, E.A., Boyd, J.L., & Spelde, C.L. (2015). "Developing the all-star woodwind quintet: Training musicians and leaders." Michigan Music Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.


Barker, S., Adeniyi-Kassim, E., & Kourtev, P. (2014). "The invasive nitrogen fixing shrub autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) alters soil nitrogen fixing microbial communities." 99th ESA Annual Convention. Sacramento, CA.

Dunn, J.A. (2014). "Determining the roles of three animal heme peroxidases in microbially-facilitated Mn(II) oxidation." American Society for Microbiology General Meeting, Boston, MA.

Karbowski, H.M., Hackett, R A., & A.K. Monfils. (2014). "Local abiotic factors: An investigation in variability among prairie fens." Posters at the Capitol, Lansing, MI.

Lalk, K.; Smith; I., &​ Karp, X. (2014). "Investigating the Interaction Between Daf-16 and Heterochronic Genes" 3rd Annual Michigan C. elegans Meeting. Grand Rapids, MI. 

Meachum, A., & Smith, A. (2014). "College 101: Finding Passion in the Unengaged Student." Michigan Occupational Special Populations Association (MOSPA) Regional Conference, Traverse City, MI.

Morgan, T., & Camarena, P. (2014). "Academic achievement: Lessons from one first generation to another."  The Midwestern Psychological Association Meeting. Chicago, IL.

Parker S,  Welchko R.,  Shall G., Lu M., Rossignol J., & Dunbar G. (2014,).  "The Utilization of Engrailed 1  in the Development of Dopamine Neurons for Cell Replacement Therapy." Society for Neuroscience, Washingtion DC.

Rechenberg, A. Lowrance, S., Welchko R., Hall, T., Matchynski, J., Matyas, J., Reinke, T., Thibo, T., Hoffman, C., Yelick, K., Hulse, T., Laberdee, A., Story, D., Dues, D., Rossignol, J., & Dunbar, G. (2014). “Effects of CXB909 in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.” Michigan Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Kalamazoo, MI.

Sokolosky, M., Drolet, A., MaloneBeach, E. E., & Zuo, J. (2014). "Sustainability in assisted living facilities: Staff perceptions of implications for well-being." The Gerontological Society of America Scientific Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Winters, K., Hill, J., Barker, B., Miller, M., & Bonnen, C. (2014). "Dire Straits: Pipelines and Policy Options for the Great Lakes." Political Science Association Conference Oakland University. Southfield, MI.


Andeer, P.F.; Learman, D.R.; McIlvin, M.; Dunn, J..; Hansel, C.M. (2015). Extracellular heme peroxidases mediate Mn(II) oxidation in a marine Roseobacter bacterium via superoxide production. Environmental Microbiology

Henson, M.W. (GR), Santo Domingo, J., Kourtev, P., Dunn, J. (UG), Jensen, R.V., and Learman, D.R. (2015) Metabolic and genomic analysis elucidates strain-level variation in Microbacterium spp. isolated from chromate contaminated sediment. PeerJ, 3:e1395; DOI:10.7717/peerj.1395.

Quast, M. J., Argall, A. D., Hager, C. J. & Mueller, A. (2015). Synthesis and physical properties of highly branched perfluorinated polymers from AB and AB2 monomers. J. Polym. Sci. A Polym. Chem.. doi: 10.1002/pola.27639

Rudow, S. R., & Finck, J. E. Pointing with Power or Creating with Chalk. Contemporary Issues in Education Research 8.3 (2015): 123-34.

Bannasch, T., Showers, L., Wagner, A., & Francek, M. (2014). Science misconceptions in Hollywood film. Michigan Science Teacher Association, 59, 62-71.

Lianyan, Y., Tyburski, B. A., Dos Santos, F. D., Endoh, M. K., Koga, T., Huang, D., ... , Zhu, L. (2014). Relaxor ferroelectric behavior from strong physical pinning in a poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene-co-chlorotrifluoroethylene) random terpolymer. Macromolecules, 47, pp 8119 - 8125.

Urbanek, B.L., Wing, D.C., Haislop, K.S., Hamel, C.J., Kalscheuer, R., Woodruff, P.J., & Swarts, B.M. (2014). Chemoenzymatic synthesis of trehalose analogues: Rapid access to chemical probes for investigating mycobacteria. ChemBioChem, 15, 2066-2070.

Lapp, D. A., Ermete, M., Brackett, N., & Powell, K. (2013) Linked Representations in Algebra: Developing Symbolic Meaning. Ed. Margaret Kinzel and Laurie Cavey. The Mathematics Teacher 107.4 306-12.

Vanhala, M. (2013). Central Michigan University’s Research Experience for Teachers: The importance of failure as part of the engineering process. Michigan Science Teacher Association, 58,  41-51.

Dziesinski, A.B. (2012). Rising to success: A vertically integrated approach to college readiness. Retrieved from Students Reinventing Michigan .

Kim Y.H., Cameron K., Gustin M., Holden J., & Siereveld S. (2012). A lifted Haar basis. International Journal of Applied Mathematics 25, 219-231.

Performances & Exhibitions

Bradley, S. (2015). Saxophone. Quatuor pour Saxophones (Desenclos), La Danza di Terra, & Groove Machine from Revolution.  American Saxophone Academy. Rochester, NY.

Bradley, S. (2015). Saxophone. Six Metamorphoses After Ovid,  Kyrie, & Stars and Stripes Forever. 2015 Great Plains Saxophone Workshop. Norman, OK.

Bradley, S. (2014). Saxophone. Mai, Kuku, Daydreams and Sparkling Machines, Anamorphosis, Sunflower Poem, & Lost.  2014 Cortona Sessions for new music. Cortona, Italy.