Centralis Scholar Award
Awarded to high school seniors.
Award includes admission to the CMU Honors Progam, 
full tuition, fees, & room and board for four years
and a $5,000 study away award.  
Its current four-year value is approximately $100,000
Centralis Gold Award
Awarded to high school seniors.
Award includes admission to the CMU Honors Program, 
full tuition for four years and a $5,000 study away award. 
Its four-year value is approximately $58,000

The Centralis Scholar Program...
The Centralis Scholar Program is a comprehensive fully-enriched academic experience for high academic ability students who seek to aim higher and achieve more meaningfully through unique educational opportunities and experiences. 
Centralis Scholars comprise 4 percent of the CMU student body and enroll in unique special topic Honors courses taught by top CMU faculty in a variety of settings from Mt. Pleasant’s campus, to the Appalachian Trail, to places like Bermuda, Florence, and Beijing.  In addition, Centralis students enroll in global citizenship courses which include study abroad opportunities, special diversity courses, and foreign language study.  Centralis Scholars are strongly encouraged to engage in undergraduate research and creative endeavors with CMU faculty as early as their first semester at CMU.  Ultimately, each Centralis Scholar will complete a capstone senior project in their discipline in collaboration with a CMU faculty member with an expectation that the results be published or presented in a professional forum.  Centralis Scholars also take part in meaningful service opportunities in areas in which they are passionate, reside in Honors housing, and take part in the countless cultural and social events that comprise our vibrant Honors Community!
If the Honors Program mission and core values are a good fit with your own expectations and belief system, and if you desire to fully engage in the life of the university, then we invite you to apply to be part of our community.  A community of academic leaders with limitless potential, who aim higher and achieve more, meaningfully.