Centralis Competition Alternate Criteria

‚ÄčTo be eligible for the Centralis Scholarship Competition students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.7 by January 1, 2021. (Due to Covid-19, the minimum SAT/ACT score has been waived for this year.) 

Limited exceptions to these criteria may be permitted.

Alternate Centralis Competition Criteria:

Students who fall just short of the minimum 3.7 high school GPA can apply to have their materials reviewed with a nomination letter from their high school principal, guidance counselor, mentor, or teacher who addresses BOTH of the following:

Evidence student has overcome obstacles, challenges, or barriers that have negatively impacted the student's ability to meet the minimum criteria.  Note: Nomination letter must provide specific examples of any obstacles, challenges and barriers in order for the student's materials to be reviewed under alternate criteria.  

Evidence student has strong academic potential and is a top academic student when compared with high school peers.  Supporting data can include, but is not limited to:  high school class rank, evidence of success in Honors/Advanced, IB/AP curriculum, dual-enrollment, academic achievements, exceptional service and commitment to social justice, etc.  

Nomination letters should be submitted separately from the Centralis Scholarship Application to honors@cmich.edu, or mail it to the CMU Honors Program, Powers Hall 104, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859.  The deadline to receive the nomination letters is January 15, 2021.  

Students applying through alternate criteria should still submit their Centralis Scholarship Application to honors@cmich.edu no later than January 1, 2021.