Admission for Current and Transfer Students


Honors Track II admission for fall 2020



I was not admitted to the Honors Program right out of high school.  Can I still apply to and be part of the CMU Honors Program? 

Yes! Each year Honors reserves space for a number of current and transfer students to be admitted through the Honors Program Track II admission process. Incoming students may be eligible in the spring of their freshman year.


What are the Honors Program Admission criteria for current and transfer students?

Honors Program Track II applicants must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 or higher.


What requirements must current and transfer Honors students complete in order to graduate from the Honors Program?

Honors Program Track II applicants must:

  1. Enroll in HON 300 (3), Introduction to Honors, during their first fall semester in the Honors program. 
  2. Complete an HON-designator Honors seminar course (3).
  3. In addition, they must complete at least 9 additional credits of Honors coursework before graduation from CMU, (in addition to HON 499).  Honors coursework is defined as HON classes, H-designated classes, and Honors Contracts successfully completed.  Honors Contracts may be used to fulfill a maximum of 6 of these 9 credits, with the approval of the Honors Director. 
  4. To enhance exposure to cultural diversity (the study of a cultural aspect substantially different than one's own culture either in or outside the United States for college credit), complete a minimum of 3-4 credit hours of the following at the college level:  Study Abroad courses for college credit; HON 309, Honors Global Diversity; Foreign Language Courses; American Sign Language Courses; and/or Honors Cultural Diversity courses approved by the Honors Council. 
  5. Complete 90 service hours during one's time at CMU.  Up to 30 hours earned in HON 310, Honors Academic Service Learning, can be applied to this requirement.
  6. Complete an Honors Senior Project and simultaneously enroll in HON 499 (3). 

NoteAt least 6 credits total of Honors coursework must be taken at the 300 level or above (in addition to HON 499).  Also, students are required to earn a grade of B- or better in all H, HON, or Honors Contract courses.  And Honors students must maintain a cumulative CMU grade point average of 3.25 to remain active in and graduate from the Honors Program.


When can current and transfer students apply to the Honors Program?

Applicants must apply to Honors by February 1 of the spring semester immediately preceding the desired fall admission term

For priority consideration for fall 2020 admission, students must submit the Track II Admission application to the Honors Program by February 3, 2020 Applicants will be notified of their status no later than the first week in April.

As space permits, there is an extended application deadline on August 1, 2020 (or until the class is full).  After priority admission is complete, admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis.


How do I know if Honors is right for me?​

  • It depends...Beyond what you can offer with impressive high school credentials, do you see yourself as a true academic scholar--as someone who desires to fully engage in the life of the University both in and outside the classroom?
  • Before applying to the Honors Scholar Program at CMU we ask students to reflect on the question, "Is Honors the right fit for me?" by reviewing the Honors Program Mission and Vision Statement as well as its four core values. How closely do our four core values seem to fit with who you are as an individual?
  • Are you motivated in the classroom by more than earning just a letter grade? Is it exciting to imagine yourself engaging in lively discussions with top CMU faculty and a diverse group of high academic-ability peers who will challenge you to think in new ways? Do you see yourself as a participant in a research group or creative project team? Are you intrigued by the opportunity to study abroad in places like Europe, China, and South Africa? Do you have a desire to serve others for the greater good?
  • In short, are you someone who has aspirations to aim higher and achieve more to make the world a better place?
  • If you can answer yes to most of these questions then we invite you to apply to the Honors Scholars Program at CMU!


What are the benefits to being in the Honors Program?

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Unique curriculum offers alternative specialized ways to meet general education requirements
  • Caring and dedicated Honors faculty willing to mentor students 1:1 in their discipline
  • Access to special Honors courses taught across the U.S. and around the globe
  • Opportunity to live and learn with other high academic ability Honors students in Honors housing
  • Collaboration opportunities with faculty on research projects and creative endeavors.
  • Specialized Academic Advising, including completion of an Academic Planning Document
  • Priority Registration
  • Access to advising/mentoring for National Scholarships
  • Opportunities to participate in Honors cultural and enrichment activities


How many students are in the CMU Honors Program?

  • Approximately 800 students, or about 4% of the CMU on-campus student body, are members of the CMU Honors Program.


Is there an Honors scholarship for admitted current and transfer students in the Honors Program?

At this time, specific scholarships tied to Honors admission are not available for Track II applicants.  However, we have been able to provide some support for study abroad, and Honors courses that require domestic travel, to Honors students admitted through Track II admissions.


Is Honors housing available for current and transfer students?

Possibly, depending on the year, there may be space available in Larzelere Hall, the Honors living/learning community.  Interested students should contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.