Caitlin Homrich

Alexi Callaway 
Kinde, Michigan

Anthropology major

Hometown: Kinde, Michigan

Major: Anthropology

Career goal: Professor of anthropology and applied researcher in U.S. rural community-school relations

Study abroad: Bolivia and the Dominican Republic

Senior Honors Project: “The Drudgery of Society: A School Reconciles Public Education Policy with Rural Community Values”

Other research: “Owning an Honors Identity: Navigating Intersectionality”and “Achieving in the Academy: Transformative Learning in Film”

Service passion: Education

Other CMU involvement: Learning Roots, English Language Institute tutor and CMU’s ski and snowboard teams

Favorite Honors memory: “The dark chocolate in Phame’s office! I also enjoyed my Latino Studies class because it facilitated insights into immigration law, English-only policies and human rights, which motivated me to study English as a second language and Spanish.”

Value of CMU Honors Program: “By embracing Honors’ core values, I have been transformed to place value in each day, not only for how I experience it but for how others in the world do as well.”

How Honors will help you postgraduation: “The scholarly practice I’ve had through developing my Honors Senior Capstone Project taught me how to establish relationships with mentors who share my passion, explore an issue and write about the findings to present them with excellence. Those experiences prepared me for rigorous graduate studies and inspired my future professional and personal aspirations.”