David Hicks

Alexi Callaway 
Farmington, Michigan

Physics major

Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Major: Physics

Special honor: CMU Goldwater nominee

Career Goal: Principal research investigator/professor

Senior Honors Project: “Lithium Storage Capacity of Unzipped Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes”

Other research: “Development of Double-Penning Trap for Ultra-high Precision Mass Spectrometry of Ions/Nuclear Isotopes”

Other CMU involvement: Society of Physics Students, Central Harmony (a cappella) and Chamber Singers

Favorite Honors class: “Quantum Physics because I was able to delve further into the course material and learn more about my passion”

Favorite Honors memory: Talking and eating delicious food with other students and faculty at the Honors’ potlucks

Value of CMU Honors Program: The opportunity to become involved with research as an undergraduate

How Honors will help you postgraduation: “The Honors Program has provided me with the necessary tools to be an effective researcher through the process of developing my Senior Honors Project. I also became more versatile by adhering to the Honors Protocol, which provided opportunities for me to develop skills in other areas outside of my major.”