Dexter Mckellar

Alexi Callaway 
Sparta, Michigan

Biomedical Sciences major

Hometown: Sparta, Michigan

Major: Biomedical sciences

Senior Honors Project: “Investigating the Membrane-Binding Activity and Localization of Copine Proteins in Dictyostelium”

Other research: Creating a polymer for artificial heart valves to prevent clotting

Presentation: Poster presentation at the International Dictyostelium conference in North Carolina

Service passion: Advocating for the better understanding of cancer through Relay for Life

Other CMU involvement: Supplemental Instruction Program, Pre-medical Club and tutoring at His House Church.

Favorite Honors memory: Creating a game with fellow Honors students Kyle Piersma and Bob Erickson in Honors Genetics that connected college life to the idea of transformation

Favorite Honors class: “Cell Biology because that’s when Dr. Damer became a mentor who would transform my time at CMU.”

Value of CMU Honors Program:  “The Honors Program gives students the opportunity to interact with professors on a more personal level and better their understanding of what it truly means to be a scholar.”

How Honors will help you postgraduation: “It gave me a different perspective of how to learn and interact with other students striving for academic excellence. I am now better prepared for the struggles of medical school and my future profession.”