Jaime Coon

Alexi Callaway 
Hamilton, Michigan

Biology major

Hometown: Hamilton, Michigan

Major: Biology

Special awards: Distinguished full fellowship and Udall Scholarship nominee

Career goal: To work as a socially and environmentally conscious conservation
biologist at a university integrating restoration ecology and public education
Senior Honors Project: “Untangling the Norops sericeus Lizard Complex: Discovering Species Relationships”

Publications/presentations: Along with Joe Rogers and Joanne Williams, Coon gave over 30 presentations with Joe Rogers’ Birds of Prey Program for its Wildlife Recovery Association in various Michigan cities.  Collaborators: With the help of Kirsten Nicholson, she also submitted “The Complex Speciation of the Norops sericeus Complex: Untangling Species Relationships” to Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution and has plans to publish it.

Service passions: Human rights, environmental justice and conservation of biodiversity

Other CMU involvement: College 101 Passion for College and Wildlife speaker, Club Quiz Bowl member, panelist on the Office of LGBTQ Services education panels and a tutor for student-athletes

Value of CMU Honors Program: “Honors taught me how every career, every hobby and every choice can incorporate giving back to the community.”

Favorite Honors memory: “Exploring the biology of Beaver Island in a one-week Honors class that involved fossil hunting, small-mammal trapping, motion-triggered cameras, coyotes, catching snakes, macro invertebrate sampling and ice cream!”