Jordan Rife

Alexi Callaway 
Plainwell, Michigan

Political Science major

Hometown: Plainwell, Michigan

Major: Political science

Career goals: State Department foreign policy adviser, President of the
United States

Study abroad: Egypt and Togo

Honors Senior Project: “Egyptian Opinions of the United States Pre and Post June 30, 2013”

Other research: The Neoconservative movement and death anxiety

Service passion: Youth education

Other CMU involvement: 2013 Homecoming Ambassador, Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center participant, Mortar Board member and National Society of Leadership and Success member

Favorite Honors class: “HON 499 because it allowed me to travel to Egypt, Africa, to conduct research for my Senior Honors Project. Being able to work on your own with some guidance from a professor teaches you a lot about yourself and your subject matter.” 

Value of CMU Honors Program: “This program helped me realize my true potential as a student and a global citizen. It helped me find my passion and gave me the strength and courage to pursue it.”

How Honors will help you postgraduation: “CMU’s Honors Program reminded me of the importance of learning knowledge for its own sake and always striving to do your best no matter the circumstances.”