Kathryn Van Ham

Alexi Callaway 
Richmond, Michigan

Mechanical Engineering major

Hometown: Richmond, Michigan

Major: Mechanical engineering

Career goal: To work with a team of engineers, researchers and doctors on injury prevention, new surgical techniques and medical rehabilitation device designs
Study abroad: Mexico and El Salvador

Senior Honors Project: “A Systematic Review of Methods for Quantifying the Biomechanics of Human Anterior Cruciate Ligament Loading: 1970-2013”

Other research: Van Ham spent the summers of 2012 and 2013 at the University of Michigan’s Biomechanics Research Lab studying mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament injury through in vitro knee testing and MRI morphology measurement.

Other CMU involvement: Engineers Serving Others, Society of Women Engineers, His House Christian Fellowship and two Alternative Breaks — women’s issues in South Carolina and serving the elderly in North Carolina

Publications/presentations: Submitted for publication to Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine “How Reliable are Estimates of Knee and ACL Loading during Athletic Maneuvers? A Systematic Review of In Vivo, In Vitro and In Silico Approaches (1970-2013)”  

Favorite Honors memory: “Dressing up with my Honors peers for a stress-relief yoga session during finals week.”

Special learning opportunities: Co-op student at Dow Chemical, improvement projects on the assembly equipment at a commercial water filter manufacturing plant in Edina, Minnesota and researching new polyethylene plastics for food packaging in Freeport, Texas.