Katy Steklac

Alexi Callaway 
Chelsea, Michigan

Music Education major

Hometown: Chelsea, Michigan

Major: Music education

Special awards: 2013 CMU Fulbright ETA nominee in Macau

Senior Honors Project: “The Transformative Teacher Project”

Service passion: Education

Study abroad: China and Ghana

Other CMU involvement: Delta Omicron music fraternity, Lunch Buddies Program for at-risk children, CMU Homecoming Committee, Chippewa Marching Band, and Alternative Breaks in Wisconsin with a nonprofit museum, in Georgia with a refugee resettlement, and twice in Florida, once with a local school and another assisting veterans’ needs

Additional accomplishments: International Peer Partners, which pairs Honors students with international students as conversation partners through social programming

Favorite Honors memory: “I absolutely loved my two summer trips to Beaver Island because of the hands-on learning projects, knowledgeable faculty and beautiful island setting.”

Favorite Honors class: “Global Citizenship in Beijing was a phenomenal experience because of the amazing professors, full cultural immersion and challenging learning environment.”

Value of CMU Honors Program: “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the opportunities and relationships provided by CMU’s Honors Program. The Honors motto, ‘Aim higher, achieve more meaningfully,’ continues to inspire me.”