Nicole Fergestrom

Alexi Callaway 
Waterford, Michigan

Neuroscience major

Hometown: Waterford, Michigan

Major: Neuroscience

Career goal: To become a quantitative psychologist or a research consultant

Senior Honors Project: “Gender Differences in Impulsivity Measures”

Other research: Gender Differences in Social and Generalized Anxiety Summer Research Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Service passions: Humane animal treatment and child advocacy
Other CMU involvement: His House dance team, volunteer teaching assistant for Psychological Statistics, HON 100 mentor, McNair Scholars Program and Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) volunteer

Favorite Honors class:  “Hollywood and Science because I had the chance to study the misconceptions of science that movies often portray. It was a very unique way to learn the material.”

Value of CMU Honors Program: “Honors challenged me to think critically about many different areas of my life, including my passions in research and what career I want to pursue.”

How Honors will help you postgraduation: “The Senior Honors Project and the McNair program will open many doors in my pursuit of graduate programs.”