Welcome to Teaching Integrated Science (M.A.T. degree)

The Master of Arts in Teaching Integrated Science is designed for K-12 teachers with a major in Integrated Science (DI endorsement) or Science (DX endorsement) who want to balance and strengthen their science content knowledge and skills in the broad arena of science. Secondary teachers with an endorsement in a particular science area (biology, chemistry, earth science, physics) may find this degree useful for the eventual addition of a new endorsement. However, these teachers should also consider a master’s program (MS, MA, or MAT) in their area of specialty (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, etc.). Completion of the MAT in the Integrated Science program by itself does not involve any new endorsement. You will apply new content knowledge to your classrooms through the design of instructional materials and experiments that emphasize student learning through inquiry. You will also gain pedagogical skills required to teach inquiry-based science.

For more information visit: www.bio.cmich.edu/interdisciplinary.htm



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