Welcome to Interdisciplinary Programs

​​Interdisciplinary programs at Central Michigan University draw from two or more academic disciplines and emphasize integrative learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving.  Because these programs are centered on the unique ways in which these disciplines interact, students develop into broad-minded professionals ready to address some of today’s most important issues, and make a valued contribution in our rapidly changing world.  

Each of CMU’s interdisciplinary programs is carefully designed by an interdisciplinary council of faculty, including some of the university’s distinguished and award-winning professors.  These faculty members formally embrace the creative and innovative interdisciplinary approach to answering questions, solving problems and addressing contemporary issues from multiple perspectives. 

More than 20 undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary programs available at CMU prepare students for careers in the natural sciences, social sciences, communications and multi-media, education, humanities and much more.  We invite you to browse our website for a complete listing of interdisciplinary programs and faculty advisors available at CMU.     







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