​​​​​​If you are a Dean or Department Chair and wish to review output from OFIS for integration into annual reports, follow the steps below:
    • You can do this through CentralLink (www.cmich.edu; login to CentralLink > My Account > Academics > click on OFIS).
  • Choose the Run Custom Reports button on the left side of the OFIS screen. There are 5 choices for you to make.
  1. Select the report
    You may choose any of the reports that display. For aggregate numbers, select either the Annual Report - College or the Annual Report - Department (click on the report name to view an example). If you're looking for detailed information, there are many reports from which to choose. Useful ones include: College-Level Faculty Activity Report, Vita - General, Intellectual Contributions by Faculty. Rest assured that whichever report you select, the information all comes from the same source. Therefore, you are only looking at different ways of presenting the same data.
  2. Select the date range
    You may, of course, choose to keep the default dates that are listed.
  3. Select who to include
    By default, All is selected. If you are a department chair, all the faculty in your department will be included in the report. If you are a dean, all the faculty in your college will be included. Click in this section to narrow your selection from All to some subset.
  4. Select the file format
    This varies depending on the report, but in general you will be able to select from MS Word, MS Excel, pdf or html formats.
  5. Select the page size
  • Please feel free to review as many reports as you like. Save only those that you find useful.