Annual Reports

​​​The Provost is asking for annual reports from the colleges each year in line with the format described below.  The reports are due June 15
Last year, the Online Faculty Information System (OFIS) was used to supply the faculty scholarship portion of the report for the colleges of BA, HP, HSBS, and ST.  For 2009-2010, ALL colleges are expected to use OFIS to provide this data.
To ensure you have access to the most recent information in the database, deans and department chairs now have the ability to run OFIS aggregate reports on an as-needed basis.  Click here for instructions.
Eventually, these annual reports will be prepared and submitted online. However, for now, the OFIS reports and other data should be integrated into the annual report through insertion into a word document. The completed annual report should be emailed to Sue Nichols in the provost's office as an MS Word or pdf file attachment.
Because this is the first year for this report format, there will certainly be areas for which little information has been collected at the department, college or university level. Therefore, incomplete data or ‘not available’ are appropriate responses in some instances. An example is likely to be students’ study abroad experiences. Some departments track this information, others do not. The university is not yet tracking it systematically. Thus for this item, information that is known can shared with acknowledgement of the incomplete nature of the evidence.
A primary purpose of the annual report is to showcase the work of the department, including the work of faculty, staff and students. A secondary purpose is to establish a standard format, so that others outside the department and college can better university activities.
Based on very helpful feedback from the department chairs, the initial description of the annual reports has been revised somewhat. One change has been to delete information called for in other reports (e.g., assessment, program review) to avoid duplication. A second one is the reorganization of information into categories that make more sense at the department level (we hope). A third is having the SWOT be one the department chair prepares, seeking departmental input as needed or expected by the dean. A fourth is to ask the deans not departments to look at and comment on the enrollment figures.
One change we are not making is changing the deadlines for the reports since a third use of the college reports is as one source of information in the performance evaluation of the college deans. Here are the relevant dates:
June 15 Annual reports due in electronic format to Sue Nichols 
Mid July to mid August Performance review interviews and reports ‘in sy​stem’
Mid August Interim president provides reviews as reviewing authority
Late August Final results submitted to HR
Below is the outline of sections to be included in the annual report
A.      College of xxx
  1. Dean’s Executive Summary of Colleges' Major Accomplishments and Activities of College, with special attention to the annual goals of the dean and the University’s Strategic Plan
    • 3-5 pages in length
    • Combination of narrative and bullets preferred
    • Evidence-based statements, with clear references to baseline data
    • Should include information relative to each of the university’s and academic division’s goals
    • Include summary tables from OFIS and research impact as appropriate. The OFIS reports include tables with the following information: Dept X # pubs X category, Dept X # presentations X category, and Dept X # student work supervised X category
    • Example OFIS reports are available at
  2. Include table of enrollment by designator by level—Enrollment is a top priority for the academic division. How are departments in the college doing? Is overall enrollment growing or shrinking? The rationale for looking at this by level is to provide a bit more information on anticipated enrollment declines, inequities between early and advanced courses, etc.
  3. Fundraising - The purpose of this is to tap into what departments are doing to raise money and hopefully to reinforce the efforts that are under way. If there is a development report that duplicates this, it can be attached
    • Activities
    • Results
  4. Dean’s SWOT Analysis for College as a Whole
    • 2-3 pages
    • Include commentary relative to each priority
    • Include progress on issues raised in programs reviewed during past year
  5. Primary Goals for Next Year and Next Five Years
    • 1-2 pages
  6. Contingencies/Risks to Achieving those Goals and Strategies to Address
    • 1-2 pages
B.    D​ep​artment xxx​ (These department reports would be prepared in a common format and submitted ‘as is’ along with the college overview (items 1-4 above) prepared by the Dean.
  1. Summary of Major Accomplishments of Academic Year
    • Combination of narrative and bullets preferred
    • Sectioned by programs is fine
    • Evidence-based statements, with clear references to context are preferred (e.g., if there has been growth, what was the baseline?)
  2. Personnel Actions and Individual Accomplishments
    • Transactions (TPR, staff changes)
    • Awards and Honors
    • Other Notable Changes
  3. Curriculum and Pedagogy Changes
    • Include any online course or program development
  4. Faculty Scholarly Activities (Publications, Presentations)
    •  From OFIS

    • ( to login)  
      • recommended aggregate report = Annual Report - Department
      • detail reports include = College-Level Faculty Activity Report, Vita - General, Intellectual Contributions by Faculty, and many others
      • to generate these reports, click here for instructions
    •  Grant Activities (ORSP generated report)
    • Other notable scholarly accomplishments (invited talks/performances, editorial activities, student supervision, professional service)
  5. Student Accomplishments
    • Theses, dissertations, Plan B papers, Honors Theses, etc.
    • Publications (off-campus)
    • Presentations (off-campus)
    • Presentations (on-campus)
    • Study abroad
    • Other
  6. Department Chair's SWOT Analysis
For answers to specific questions regarding the use of OFIS for annual reporting click here