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Study abroad and earn credit toward your major or minor!
With more than 150 approved programs, there are study abroad options for every subject area. With careful planning, you can meet your program requirements and stay on track for graduation while studying abroad. Check out the following subject flyers to find out what programs are recommended for earning credit toward your major.
While the programs listed below are recommended, there may be additional programs that will meet your individual academic goals and priorities. A study abroad advisor can help you identify the right program for you.
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SM Accounting and Finance.jpg
Accounting & Finance
SM Economics Majors-1.jpg
SM Hospitality Majors-1.jpg
Hospitality Services Admin.​
SM International Business Majors-1.jpg
 International Business
SM Management Majors-1.jpg
SM Marketing Majors-1.jpg
College of Communication and Fine Arts​ ​ ​
SM Art Majors-1.jpg
SM Art History Majors-1.jpg
Art History
SM Journalism Majors-1.jpg


​ ​
College of Education and Human Services
​ ​ ​
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.45.59 AM.png
Fashion Merchandising
& Design
Interior Design
​(Coming Soon)​

College of Health Professions
​ ​ ​
SM Health Professions Majors(2013)-1.jpg
Health Professions

​ ​ ​
SM Arabic Subject Flyer 2013-1.jpg
SM English Majors-1.jpg
SM German Subject Flyer-1.jpg
SM History Majors-1.jpg
SM Philosophy Majors-1.jpg
SM Political Science Majors-1.jpg
Political Science
Spanish pg1.jpg
​ ​

College of Science and Technology
​ ​ ​

Biology Screenshot.png 2014 Chemistry Subject Flyer.png
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.21.20 PM.png
                  Biology                                    Chemistry                         Environmental Science​

Don't see your major listed above? This site is under construction and more subject flyers will be added over time.  You can also search programs by subject on our Choose Your Program page or visit the Office of Study Abroad in 330 Ronan Hall for more information.


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