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It's more affordable than you think!

Step 1: Select the right program for your budget 
Since programs vary by duration, accommodation type, cost of living in the host country, etc., the cost of studying abroad varies by program. You can find the estimated cost of each study abroad program under Choose your ​Program. Your study abroad advisor can help you select a program that fits your budget. If cost is an important factor in your program choice, ask your advisor about tuition exchanges and other low-cost programs. With a tuition exchange, you pay CMU tuition and fees, just as if you were staying on campus! The Office of Study Abroad now offers 29 low-cost programs

Step 2: Talk to a Financial Aid Advisor 

Did you know that most financial aid you receive through CMU can be used to pay for your study abroad program costs?  Apply to study abroad through CMU's Office of Study Abroad and your Study Abroad Advisor will give you a program budget to apply for financial aid at CMU.  You may even qualify for additional aid.  See the OFFICE OF SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID's website for more information. ​​

Step 3: Apply for a CMU study abroad program

The application for OSA scholarships will be located on your my study abroad account once your advisor has enrolled you in the study abroad application process. 

Step 4: Office of Study Abroad Scholarships

In support of its strong commitment to international education, Central Michigan University has allocated $160,000 to the Office of Study Abroad to award as scholarships to CMU students who participate in approved study abroad programs that are at least two weeks in duration. 

Student who meet the requirements are eligible for:

  • $500 for faculty-led and summer study abroad programs, two to eight weeks in length
  • up to $750 for programs eight weeks and over in summer 
  • $500-$2,500 for semester or academic year study abroad
Scholarship awards are based on the​ student's GPA, financial need, and scholarship essays.​ 

Approximately 70% of students receive an award.​​​​

Application deadlines

March 1 - Summer term study abroad
March 15 - Fall semester or academic year study abroad
October 15 - Spring semester study abroad

Applications must be submitted by the deadline to the Office of Study Abroad, Ronan Hall 330.

Scholarship application information will be provided to you once you have met with your Study Abroad Advisor. For more information, please contact the Office of Study Abroad.

More study abroad scholarships awarded by the OSA can be found here.​ 

Step 5: Scholarships Offered by Academic Colleges and Departments 

In support of their strong commitment to study abroad, many CMU offices and departments offer study abroad scholarships to help you make study abroad a reality. You are also encouraged to talk to your department, faculty advisors and your financial aid advisors about additional scholarship opportunities.

Check the websites of the following CMU units for information on their study abroad scholarships:

College of Business Administration

College of Communication and Fine Arts

    Department of Journalism​

​College of Education and Human Services​

 ​    EHS International Programs Award​

College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences

     Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures

     Department of History

     Department of Journalism

     Department of Philosophy and Religion

     Department of Political Science

College of Science and Technology

Honors Program

* Do you know of a CMU study abroad scholarship that is not listed here? Contact us!

​Step 6: Apply for National/External study abroad scholarships 
Many sources outside the university also offer study abroad scholarships. Read more about scholarships from other sources. Remember: the more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances!

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