How to Study Abroad


1. Complete the Advising Questionnaire.

This is an opportunity to complete the questionnaire and begin the study abroad advising process. The questionnaire will provide the Office of Study Abroad with general information, so that when you meet with the advisors, they will be better able to assist you in choosing your program.

2. Attend a Study Abroad 101 Session

​Like most students, you may not be sure how to choose a program, how to fund the costs, apply for scholarships, or what the process will be to study abroad.  Learn about the basics of studying abroad at one of Study Abroad 101 sessions.  A CMU Study Abroad Ambassador who has returned from abroad will be there to share experiences.

3. Research your program options on the study abroad website

When researching programs, it may be helpful to determine your goals and priorities.

There are a variety of programs from which to choose. You can use our study abroad program search engine to explore the available programs and narrow down your search. 

4. Meet with a study abroad advisor

Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor by selecting Contact Us from the navigation menu. Your study abroad advisor will work with you to determine the program that best suits your goals and priorities. You will learn about the application process, requirements, and scholarship opportunities. Your advisor will also provide you with a program budget sheet, go over the application process, and answer any additional questions that you may have.

Once you have determined a suitable program, your study abroad advisor will give you access to the study abroad application.

5. Meet with a financial aid advisor (required only for students who wish to apply for financial aid, including loans)

All students can apply for financial aid to study abroad.  Schedule an appointment with a financial aid advisor in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Warriner Hall 202. Be sure to take a copy of the program budget sheet provided by your study abroad advisor to the appointment.

6. Meet with the appropriate faculty advisor(s) to obtain credit approval

Schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor in each of the departments from which you would like to receive credit. All of your courses need to be pre-approved to receive CMU credit.

7. Submit an application to the Office of Study Abroad by the deadline

Start early and plan ahead! Leave yourself plenty of time to complete the applications, write essays, gather faculty recommendations and course credit approvals, order transcripts, and purchase required photos. Application deadlines can be found here.​

8. Attend the study abroad pre-departure orientation

All students accepted by the Office of Study Abroad must attend a pre-departure orientation session. Important information regarding academics, health and safety, travel, and cultural adjustment will be covered. You will have an opportunity to meet other CMU students who are preparing to study abroad as well as hear from students who have recently returned from abroad.

Video: Getting Started with Study Abroad​​