Why Study Abroad?

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Hear what students and faculty say about the benefits of study abroad.

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Study abroad provides a valuable cross-cultural dimension to any student's academic experience. Across the U.S. and at CMU, more students are studying abroad each year. Here are the benefits:

Get an edge.

Modern employers are looking for employees with an international perspective, knowledge of other cultures, cross-cultural skills, and proficiency in a foreign language.

Enhance your education.

Study abroad offers a unique opportunity to take new and different courses in more than 40 countries on 6 continents. You will gain a different perspective on various academic subjects and increase your awareness of and sensitivity to global issues. You will even be able to view the U.S. from afar and gain a better understanding of your own country and culture. 

Learn a foreign language.

CMU offers intensive language programs, academic subjects in a foreign language, as well as an option to learn languages not available on campus.

It's affordable.

You can choose a low-cost program and pay CMU tuition, receive CMU financial aid, and apply for generous scholarships only available to students who study abroad.

Experience the world.

When you study outside the U.S., you will experience a culture different from your own. You are able to learn about local customs and traditions, visit cultural events and try new foods.

Grow as a person.

Study abroad takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you both academically and personally. You will be faced with new situations that will test your abilities to learn and adapt, and you will develop a more sophisticated view of the world and a broadened perspective of other cultures.

Make life-long friends.

Through study abroad you will be able to meet people from the host country and get to know other international and American students. You will develop friendships and connections around the world that can last a lifetime. Participating in local sports and other extracurricular activities is a great way to meet new people.

Many program options.

Choose from more than 150 programs in over 40 countries and earn CMU credit. We offer programs for nearly every major and minor. Don’t speak a foreign language? No problem, we have programs in English all over the world.

More students are studying abroad than ever.

More and more students from across the United States are studying abroad each year. With almost 600 CMU students studying abroad annually, CMU students are making their mark on the world. Don’t be left behind!