Taking Myself to New Heights

Kim Robers - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Some friends and I went to Iguazu Falls, which is in the northern part of Argentina. Its name comes from Guarani words ‘ y' (water) and ‘ ûasú' (big). Iguazu is also really close to the 3 borders, where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina connect. It is separated by the rivers Parana and Iguazu. 



A Long Way from Home

Andrew Walton – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Andres was my name and Argentina was my game. Studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the best experience I could ever ask for. I woke up early one morning in July with a smile on my face knowing that I would be leaving my country for six entire months. I arrived at the airport with my parents and I cried, yes, can you believe it, I cried. Well, most people who know me would say that I would cry. Remember when you had those teenage years and all you wanted to do was get away from your parents, well…I had the complete opposite feeling that day. After exchanging our goodbyes and wiping my tears, I boarded the plane to leave for Argentina.