Brad Bender

​Brad Bender - Bendigo, Australia


walk·a·bout (wôk'ə-bout')
- noun
1. a rite of passage where male Australian Aborigines would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months.
2. Brad Bender's journey to Australia where he will undergo a five month study abroad learning and living experience - studying Outdoor Recreation at La Trobe University - Bendigo

Brad Bender is a junior at Central Michigan University, majoring in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts with dual minors in Recreation and Media Design, Production and Technology. Brad is studying at La Trobe University in southern Australia for the spring semester. 

Check back regularly to follow Brad through his semester abroad.  

June 21, 2010: En route from Adelaide to Bendigo

Yesterday we headed to the Boho bar for lunch. This place was decorated in the coolest fashion. Very Moulin Rouge-style, and they even had the movie playing around the place. The downstairs had a bar and a large lounge area for sitting. The couches and chairs were very old fashion with dark colors and had that round, rich style. The walls and ceiling were black, and the windows were covered as to make it feel like night time. Red curtains that reminded me of stage curtains were draped all around the walls. Upstairs, where we ate, there was a private room with a fire place, and the ceiling had lights to make it look like the night time sky with stars. We had the whole place to ourselves, which was also fun. After lunch we went to this other downtown strip area with shops that lead to the beach where we walked out into the water on the pier. Then we looked around The Beachhouse - an indoor amusement water park for kids. It was like Gameworks, but also had indoor waterslides, bumper cars, and bumper boats. We then headed to this German town where we checked out some shops, went through this fairy tale-cave-thing in the back of one of the shops, and had homemade ice cream - I had Tim Tam and Chokito flavored, Syd had Cookies and Cream, and Brodie had Orange Rush and Jam Doughnut - all unique and tasted excellent (I wasn't a huge fan of the jam doughnut). For dinner Brodie wanted to do it American Style - pizza. So we got a pepperoni pizza, which was creatively titled "New York." Instead of just telling them what you want on the pizza you have to pick from their list of already designed pizzas. With our pizza and drinks we watched a few movies and went to bed. Up at 6am this morning to get on the bus and now we're on the road. I don't think any of us wanted it to end, as we were having so much fun.


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