Stacy Rix
International College of Management, Sydney, Australia

Why did you decide to study abroad and why did you choose your program?
I studied abroad because, ever since I arrived at CMU as a freshman, I knew that I wanted to do something exciting that would make me grow as a person and have my very own adventure. Living in another country helped me find what I was looking for in life and also gave me an amazing experience to put toward my career.

A Day At The Zoo

Melanie Mituta - AustraLearn Internship, Sydney, Australia

MelanieCrocodiles, kookaburras and koalas, oh my! For ten solid weeks I had spent my time doing an internship at the Cairns Tropical Zoo in Far North Queensland, Australia. Growing up, I would have never thought I'd be spending my days feeding a 16.5ft crocodile, talking to cockatoos and nursing a joey (baby) wallaby. These were a few of the most incredible job duties I was able to participate in during my time abroad. The ten weeks were divided equally among the reptile, bird and mammal department of the zoo, so I would be able to gain a broad spectrum of experience with each different type of animal. In each department I gained knowledge in the species native to Australia, which are extremely unique compared to all other species.

Teaching in the Land Down Under

Amy Hepworth - Canberra, Australia

I have the travel bug.  For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt about visiting far off places . . . traveling all over the world and experiencing different cultures.  And at the top of my list of places to visit was Australia.  I fell in love with the beauty of the country through pictures and movies such as The Man From Snowy River and come on, who doesn’t love the accent? I always thought it would remain a dream, a wonderful but unrealistic dream.  Then I discovered the student teaching abroad program for Canberra, Australia, and the dream became reality.

It Feels Like Yesterday

Ashley Hovey - UTS, Sydney, Australia

Preparing yourself to leave is the hardest thing. The family members and friends I would miss while away constantly crept into my mind. People would tell me to take it all'll all pass by too quickly. I was skeptical, for I was about to travel halfway around the world to study at The University of Technology Sydney in Australia for five months. Five months is a long time! Or so I thought at first.

I look back now and can't believe how fast it all went by. It's cliché to say "It feels like yesterday..." but truly, that is what it feels like. I can picture the images of saying goodbye to my family, and remember what it felt like to leave. However, I can say it wasn't nearly as hard saying goodbye to those amazing people I met while studying in Australia. One person in particular I became extremely close with, a girl from Australia herself.

Brad's Australian Walkabout

Brad Bender - Bendigo, Australia

walk·a·bout (wôk'ə-bout') brad
- noun
1. a rite of passage where male Australian Aborigines would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months.
2. Brad Bender's journey to Australia where he will undergo a five month study abroad learning and living experience - studying Outdoor Recreation at La Trobe University - Bendigo

Brad Bender is a junior at Central Michigan University, majoring in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts with dual minors in Recreation and Media Design, Production and Technology. Brad is studying at La Trobe University in southern Australia for the spring semester.   


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