​​Anna McNeill
Major: Journalism
Study Abroad in Belize

What is your best memory of your time abroad?

My best memory from study abroad was when we went and visited a Mayan farmer and toured his cocoa farm and got to sit down and eat a traditional Mayan celebratory meal - a type of chicken soup with lots of local veggies in it. We ate with our fingers using tortillas to pick out the meat and veggies and soak up the broth. We also got a traditional chocolate beverage with real cane sugar (which we had tasted and juiced earlier on the farm tour). Then the farmer told us stories about how he and his wife got married and the process. It was amazing to hear about his culture. Then we got to go visit with his wife at their cocoa processing area, Ixcocoa Mayan Chocolate. After learning how they traditionally made chocolate, using a mano and matale to grind down the roasted cocoa beans, we got to taste their chocolate and eat a meal made with cocoa and sit down and chat with the wife as well. This was my best memory, because it was so easy going and I learned so much from the farmer and his wife by just having an average conversation with them.

Internship in Belize
Heather Flowers - ProWorld Internship, Punta Gord, Belize

I have many wonderful memories from my ProWorld Internship in Belize, but one in particular stands out. One morning I woke up at 7:30, got ready, and then sat down to a hot breakfast Ms. Norma had prepared for me and had waiting on the table. As usual, it was delicious! 

I then rode my bike to the Red Cross building that CARE Belize calls home. Emily, one of the interns that just arrived in PG, was to come with me for her first experience with CARE Belize. We sat in the office preparing materials to distribute to parents with nonverbal children, and then we caught the 10am Belize City bus heading toward Indian Creek.