​Cherished Memories of Chile

Jamie Jewell - Valdivia, Chileyea 021.jpg

Before I went to Chile, when I thought about going abroad I thought that the best moments would be the ones when I was traveling around Chile, visiting the many beautiful natural wonders of the country. Although those were good moments, little did I know the best moments and memories would actually come from right in my own little host city, in my own little cozy host family home and in the choir room of Universidad Austral de Chile. As I sit here reflecting back, the memories I cherish most are as follows...


Navigating Valdivia
Stephen Lovell - Valdivia, Chile

Arriving in the Valdivia bus terminal, I was met by the director, whom I have been emailing for the past couple weeks making sure that everything is in order. He briefly toured me around the downtown and then brought me to my host family's house. I was welcomed with smiles, hugs, and even a kiss on the cheek (as is custom in greetings). It was a nice place about a 15 minute walk from campus. The weather was chilly (no pun intended), but nothing a spring jacket couldn't keep at bay.

Exploring a New Culture

Michelle Murray - Valparaiso, Chile

My name is Michelle Murray, and I am about to depart on a study abroad adventure to Chile to further develop my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. Through the study abroad program here at Central Michigan University, I will attend the Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. Throughout my stay in this country, I will live in the town of Vina del Mar with a host family. Because of the opportunity to live with a host family, I will be able to immerse myself in the culture in a very unique way.


Discovering the Difference


Lynn Fischer - Valdivia, Chile

We have all grown up learning that life is a journey full of different roads. Some roads are paved, some have closed signs, while others appear right in front of you. I decided to take a road that took me more than 5,800 miles away from Central Michigan University ending in Valdivia, Chile.